Tom Ryan has been a volunteer Young Life club leader, a YL staff member, a church planter and a long-time senior pastor. He is also a grateful, recovering sex addict.

Sexuality is a gift of God. It’s also intense, personal and complicated. Many of us today struggle with unwanted compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors. We may have even begged Jesus to help and heal us, yet we feel stuck. And this leads to shame and loneliness, like there must be something wrong with us.  

You weren’t meant to handle this alone. There is a way out of this, but you cannot get out of it by yourself. You need the right help. Tom can help.

In the near future he will have a website for a new nonprofit, LivingIntegrated, a bridge ministry to help people in spiritual communities who are dealing with sex addiction or difficult sexual habits face their hurts and find hope. 

Until LivingIntegrated is up and running, you may privately and confidentially contact Tom at 913-226-5217, or